carley dale


Oh Hey.


My name's Carley.

Things I like: Dogs, people who like dogs. People who own dogs. People who like my dogs. Travel (except commuting, that sucks). Canada (I used to live there...whatta country). Marmite (I love the stuff). Kindness (the world needs more of it). Nature (I'm a literal tree hugger). Escape rooms (take my money). Fancy dress (Yaaaaas). Road trips. Road trips to the ocean. Road trips where I don't have to drive. Yoga. Stand up paddle-boarding. Spicy food (hot sauce on everything). Forcing my friends to watch YouTube videos I find hilarious. Forcing my friends to watch ANYTHING I find hilarious. Writing (I wrote a book one time). Reading (used book stores come at me). Photography (I love your face)!

Things I don't like: Negative people. Lateness. People who call me 'Love.' Herbs. Animal cruelty. Waiting...for anything. Salad (I don't 'get' it)! That feeling when your fingers go wrinkly after a bath. Giving my name at Starbucks (Charlene your coffee is ready)! Narrow mindedness (open that sh*t up). Losing at quizzes. Losing at anything. Thrillers (I.Can't.Cope). Regrets. The word 'no'.

Drop me a message with the kind of shoot you have in mind and lets create something awesome together.